Pet Wellness Visits

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Pet Wellness Visits

Did you know that regular check-ups are just as important to your pet’s health as they are to yours?

Our emphasis is on preventive medicine. Prevention helps your pet stay healthy and live longer, and over the lifetime of your pet it reduces the cost of care. Preventive care includes regular wellness visits, as well as staying current with vaccinations, deworming and fecal checks, and routine lab work. It also includes using medications where necessary to prevent heartworm and protect against fleas and ticks.

The wellness exam is an opportunity for you and your vet in New Orleans to discuss any health concerns or questions about your pet that have come up since your last visit. In addition, during the wellness visit your veterinarian will:

  • Examine the teeth and mouth
  • Examine the eyes and ears and assess vision and hearing
  • Examine the heart and lungs
  • Palpate the lymph nodes, abdomen, joints, and muscles
  • Check the skin closely for lumps and bumps
  • Look for signs of parasites
  • Administer a heartworm test and a fecal test
  • Draw blood for a full blood profile
  • Give you an overall assessment of your pet’s health and any changes since the last visit
  • Discuss with you recent advances in veterinary care and other matters relevant to maintaining your pet’s health

The blood work is valuable for multiple reasons. One, it provides evidence as to any current illness your pet might be suffering from. Two, it creates a baseline to use as a comparison for blood work done in the future when your pet is ill. Three, it is a necessary component of any procedure that requires anesthesia, such as a dental cleaning or the removal of a skin mass.