Surgery at Your Animal Hospital in New Orleans


Stephanie and Thomas

As a state-of- the-art animal hospital in New Orleans, our commitment is to do everything in our power to provide successful surgery to your pet, while emphasizing safety and minimizing discomfort before, during, and after the procedure.

We are staffed with experienced and highly trained veterinary surgeons and veterinary practitioners that are well qualified to provide the best and most appropriate care for the vast majority of cases. If your pet needs one of the few surgeries we do not offer, we are able to refer you to an appropriate surgical specialist that we work with.

Key to professional veterinary surgery is an advanced anesthetic and monitoring regimen throughout the procedure.

We will carefully and safely place your pet under appropriate anesthesia. Our state-of- the-art cardiovascular monitoring system allows us to track heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and oxygen level in the blood. We also use a patient warming system. Hence, the likelihood of complications during surgery is minimized. And in the unlikely event complications do arise, our staff is well-trained and experienced in appropriately handling them.

We also take very seriously the need to keep your pet comfortable, and to minimize pain. Pain management is an important element of the surgical procedure, before, during, and after the surgery.

Through a skilled, balanced application of appropriate pain medications, tailored to each individual pet and each individual case, patients are kept as comfortable as possible, which also aids in the healing process.

Following the surgery, when your pet is discharged to be taken home, we will provide whatever information, pain medications, or other material will enable you to provide the best home care.

Communication is key. At all stages of the process, we want you to know what is happening, what is being done for your pet, and what you need to do. Our Animal Hospital in New Orleans will always provide information, explain procedures or treatment options, and answer any questions you might have.