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Shannon McCarty, Director of Outreach


Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest?

Mardi Gras!

Mountains or ocean?

I like both but if it had to be just one mountains!

When did you know you wanted to work with animals?

I adopted my sweet pup Loretta Lynn in 2015 – I had been bartending at the time but after bringing her into my life and seeing the amazing work that can be done to help help animals and communities in need I decided to make a career change. I started at the shelter I adopted Loretta from and when I moved to NoLa I was fortunate enough to make my way to CCV!

Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me..

sleeping in followed by a long walk with my pup, coffee in hand.

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

I wear a variety of hats at CCV – I do our social media, event planning and I get to coordinate outreach between CCV and communities and animals in need! But if you ask the dogs I am The Official Treat Lady!

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