Each day of daycare includes 4 full hours of play with friends, toys and, weather permitting, water play, with a rest period in between. Dogs can be dropped off as early at 7:30 am and picked up as late as 6 pm, Monday – Friday.

Daily Rate — $34 per day

Punchcard — $465

Includes 15 days of play plus 1 complimentary luxury bath (unused baths do not roll over to the next punchcard. “Bath punches” cannot be used as playgroup punches).

Doggy Daycare & Playgroup


Dog smiling

Dogs — $50 per night

Dog boarding includes Playgroup (or one-on-one playtime with humans if your pup prefers that), tech administered medication and all meals.*
Guests staying 5+ nights receive a complimentary luxury bath before pick up.


Cats — $32 per night

Cat boarding includes as much human interaction as your kitty desires, tech administered medication and all meals.*

*owners may need to provide food if special diet is not in stock at CCV

At Crescent City Veterinary Hospital, we focus on the quality of our boarding and Puppy Playgroup services.
Our kennel capacity is limited by our desire to give each guest lots of individual attention as well as by physical space. Within these limits, we hope to accommodate as many guests as possible.
Please help us achieve this by kindly giving at least a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel your reservation for
boarding or Puppy Playgroup. Any reservations cancelled after this time or no shows are charged for their
scheduled day at Puppy Playgroup or 50% of their scheduled boarding stay.
Charges will be applied to your Punch Card or your credit card on file which is required to make a reservation
for boarding as well as Puppy Play Group.
A 7 day notice of cancellation is required for boarding during a major holiday as well as our peak summer
season (May-September). During these times, your credit card will be charged for the entire scheduled stay if
you cancel without sufficient notice.
We encourage you to schedule your boarding reservations as early as possible. However, we will not reserve
spaces for Puppy Play Group more than one month ahead of time.


Luxury Bath $43–$58*

We pamper your pooch with a thorough shampoo, conditioning and blueberry facial and take care to clean ears, grind nails and express anal glands. We finish off with a blow dry and your dog goes home squeaky clean and fresh.

Medicated Bath $48-$68*

All the same pampering as the Luxury Bath but we provide medicated shampoo as prescribed by your doctor and extra soak time.

Blow Out $21

A Blow Out is an add-on to our Luxury Bath and can also be added to the complimentary baths that come with boarding and daycare punch cards.

Ideal for fluffy and long haired dogs, and also dogs that don’t shed much, with their fur blown dry by hand and teased, the Blow Out gives your dog that “just left the salon” look any day of the week!

Priority luxury bath add $7

Don’t want to leave your dog all day? Schedule a priority bath, drop off at 9am and pick up by 11:30 or sooner. A Luxury Bath with a guaranteed pick up time. Offered Tuesday-Saturday.

De-Shedding Bath $68-$103*

Essential for dogs with shedding undercoats like Huskies, Malamutes, etc a De-Shedding Bath features all of the benefits of a Luxury Bath, but also utilizes a 5-part hair removal process including De-Shedding Shampoo + Conditioner, plenty of De-Shedding tools and LOTS of time.

A bath you wouldn’t want to give your pooch yourself, but would love for them to have!

An occasional De-Shedding Bath is also a great treat for longer haired dogs without heavy undercoats and can greatly affect their comfort as well as cut back on your vacuum use.

Dog in bath

*Price based on size.

Additional Services

Nail Grind (dogs only) — $38

Nails are ground short and smooth to get closest to the quick.

Nail Trim — $22

Nails are trimmed short using traditional nail clippers. 

Ear Cleaning — $30

Ears are flushed with ear cleaner and thoroughly wiped and swabbed clean.

Tooth Brushing — $17.50

Bring your own toothbrush and paste or purchase a kit.

Bedtime Dental Treat — $1.50

End the day with a Veggiedent (for boarded dogs).

Anal Gland Expression — $30

No more rug scooting. Enough said!