Each day of daycare includes 4 full hours of play with a rest period in between. Dogs can be dropped off as early at 7:30 am and picked up as late as 6 pm, Monday – Friday.

Daily Rate — $31 per day

Punchcard — $435

Includes 15 days of play plus 3 complimentary baths (unused baths do not roll over to the next punchcard. “Bath punches” cannot be used as playgroup punches).

Doggy Daycare & Playgroup


Dog smiling

Dogs — $45 per night

Dog boarding includes Playgroup (or one-on-one playtime with humans if your pup prefers that), tech administered medication and all meals.*
Guests staying 3+ nights receive a complimentary bath before pick up.


Cats — $29 per night

Cat boarding includes as much human interaction as your kitty desires, tech administered medication and all meals.*

*owners may need to provide food if special diet is not in stock at CCV


All paid baths include a nail grind, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.

Standard Bath $38–$53

Price based on size.

Blow Out $17

Hand blow-dry and brush out. This is an add on to a bath and great for in between appointments with your groomer!

Medicated Bath $43-$63

Price based on size. We provide medicated shampoo and extra soak time.

De-Shedding $63-$88

Regular bath (substitute specialized de-shedding shampoo and conditioner) and extensive brush out with de-shedding tools.

Dog in bath

Additional Services

Nail Grind (dogs only) — $34

Nails are ground short and smooth to get closest to the quick.

Nail Trim — $20

Nails are trimmed short using traditional nail clippers. 

Ear Cleaning — $27

Ears are flushed with ear cleaner and thoroughly wiped and swabbed clean.

Tooth Brushing — $16

Bring your own toothbrush and paste or purchase a kit.

Bedtime Dental Treat — $2

End the day with a Veggiedent (for boarded dogs).

Anal Gland Expression — $27

No more rug scooting. Enough said!